So Today Saturday morning 1/14/17 Nostalrius made a post asking Elysium to discontinue use of their core and databases as well as remove Nost characters, claiming that they had hurt their chances to get official legacy servers. You can read that horseshit here:

Then as the panic took over people linked a "leaked" response to Nost from Elysium. This Post was acknowledged by Elysium on twitter as having been written(not necessarily by them, but also not saying they didnt write it) but stating it was not their final answer to nost and to wait for the official post as they will always be on the side of the players. The leaked letter can be read here:

The final answer was way better though. It is a huge fuck you as in we are keeping things as is even though we are technically reverting the core, but not really ;)

That can be read here:

and Zui posted it for us here :

Bullet dodged and all is well. so do not worry. Our server is now called Darrowshire and we are all safe to continue!