Lunar festival fixes have been implemented.
Zanza's potion effects will be kept after death.
Exploiting disenchanting no longer allows individuals to bypass group/master loot mechanics.
Eye of Kilrogg, Eyes of the Beast should no longer cause character teleportation and/or disconnects after completing the cast.
Alterac battle standards are no longer usable outside of Alterac Valley.
Lockpicking is from now on supported by the trade window.
Fixed a rare Auction House bug where the item being bought out by the player would change, resulting in the wrong item being purchased.
Buying out the wrong item will display the correct error message from now on.
Posting more than 50 items on the AH will no longer crash your client.
Thenan spawn reduced to intended amount.
Raids & Dungeons

Various fixes for Herod, no more movement while using Whirlwind, Charge mechanic adjusted and don't forget to close the door!
Classes & Abilities

Demonic Rune is no longer usable by rogues and warriors.

Quest 'Jail Break!' is working now as intended.
Quest 'Stormwind Rendezvous' is working now as intended.
Quest 'The Sacred Flame (Part III)' loot drop rate adjusted.
Quest 'Attack on the Tower' exploit fixed, chest's are not giving free loot anymore and ogres are being properly summoned.
Quest 'Stranglethorn Fever' exploit fixed, only one quest event is running simultaneously now.
Yet another fix for quest 'Rescue OOX-17/TN!', the chicken movement has been finally fixed.